Friday, 1 April 2011

Everest 2011 Itinerary

This is an outline plan so please assume it will change dramatically based on acclimatisation, weather, illness, rope fixing, games of Risk at BC, random world events etc.

2nd Apr Depart UK
3rd Apr Arrive in Kathmandu
4th Apr Fly to Lukla
5th - 11th Apr Trekking on the south side of Everest
12th Apr Fly to Kathmandu, final preparations
13th Apr Drive to Nylam, Tibet
14th Apr Drive to Everest Base Camp (5200m)
15th - 19th Apr Acclimatisation treks
20th - 21st Apr Trek to ABC (6400m)- 22km of moraine!
22nd - 24th Apr Acclimatisation
25th Apr Climb to North Col (7000m)
26th Apr Return to BC
27th Apr - 3rd May Acclimatisation - eat, read, watch DVDs etc
4th May Trek to ABC
5th May Move up to North Col
6th May Climb to 7500m & return to North Col
7th & 8th May Return to BC
9th - 12th May Rest & relaxation
13th May Trek to ABC
14th & 15th May Final preparations and rest
16th May Climb to North Col (7000m)
17th May Climb to Camp 2 (7800m)
18th May Climb to Camp 3 (8200m) on oxygen
19th May A wee day out to the top of the world!
20th - 30th May Spare summit days
31st May - 5th Jun Clear the mountain
6th June Drive to Nylam
7th June Drive to Kathmandu, dinner at Rum Doodle
8th June Shower, shave & shandy in Kathmandu
9th June Fly home for tea & medals