Friday, 5 October 2012

Time for a new blog...

Winter sunset over Fort William after a big day on the Ben

I started this blog on the 21st December 2009 to share my adventures as a mountain instructor and expedition guide. Nearly 600 posts later and with almost 100,000 views I've managed to upload 1GB worth of photos and writing which has taken me up to my Blogspot limit. So it's now time for a new blog.....

I'll still keep this blog online as I hope it's a useful resource but please update your browser if you would like to continue to follow me.

Eskdale Tyrolean

Sunrise from Wrynose Pass

For the last couple of days I've been running an atmospheric Tyrolean Traverse in Eskdale for the Outward Bound Trust. The weather has been pretty changeable but we've been quite sheltered tucked away in the gorge. The drive over the passes has been quite eventful with plenty of surface water but also a stunning sunrise.

Plenty of space below his feet!