Monday, 24 May 2010

AP Everest Team report

The 2010 Adventure Peaks Everest Team have had an eventful summit attempt. Everyone is now safely back at ABC with plenty of stories to tell. In the end Max, Brendan, Matt, Peter, Stu (3rd summit), Sonam, Nima, Phurba, Norbu, Tsring & Raj were all successful in reaching the top of the world at 8848m. The weather had made a dramatic turn for the worst and they survived a rough night before continuing their descent the next day. Of the others Josh damaged his oxygen mask and was forced to turn around at 8700m while Stephen had a problem with an oxygen cylinder and also retreated. A number of others made the tough but correct decision to abort their summit attempts when the turn around time was reached (11:00am). The weather has been very challenging this year with only a couple of small summit windows from the north. Well done to everyone for accepting the challenge and coming back to fight another day. 'Summiting is optional, Getting down safely is not'.