Monday, 19 July 2010

Climbing Waterfalls

Rigging a counter balance abseil to rescue an unconscious casualty

On probably the wettest day of the year so far Chris and I headed out to do some work towards his MIA assessment. In response to the forecast we headed to the north east Lakes to Swindale and Gouther Crag but the break in the rain never materialized. With water pouring down the crag the original plan to bag some routes in was quickly shelved. Instead after a quick ascent of Truss Buttress (VD) we looked at a number of rescues and the fundamental skills required to carry them out quickly and efficiently. Between the squalls we looked at hoisting & lowering plus counter balance and assisted abseils.

The Monkeys Fist rope trick to get your rope down the crag in high winds

Another neat trick to prevent your rope cutting in under the boulder while abseiling

Another hour and we wouldn't be able to get home