Sunday, 5 September 2010

Helvellyn Triathlon

Competitors enjoying an 'iced bath' after the race.

The Helvellyn Triathlon is one of the UK's most scenic and toughest races and was to be my only triathlon this year. Now in its seventh year the route is a 1 mile swim in Ullswater, a 38 mile road cycle including the Struggle up Kirkstone Pass and finishing with a 9 mile run up Helvellyn via Swirral Edge. 700 plus competitors started the swim in three waves which must have looked pretty impressive. I had a poor swim exiting in a slow 37:15. Transition went well and I was soon climbing up towards Dockray on the bike leg. The weather was pretty good for racing although the strong headwind through Thirlmere slowed everyone significantly and one big gust almost had me in the ditch. The Struggle had a lot of folk walking but it all clicked for me and I pedaled over the top feeling pretty good. The very quick descent of Kirkstone gave me a bike time of 2:32:51. Transition again went well and I was away feeling strong on the run, my favorite discipline. The weather was perfect and I was able to pick up plenty of places especially on the steep descents completing the run in 2:04:54. In the end I finished in 05:18:57 in 383rd place from 581 finishers, knocking 20 minutes off my PB.