Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Mountain rescue training

Day three of the ML Training course saw us looking at the various aspects of working with a group on steep terrain. In driving rain we headed up over Little Bell and up the Coniston pipeline discussing the merits and pitfalls of route choice, group management, spotting and the use of a rope. The focus of the day changed slightly when one of the groups found a severely hypothermic tourist wandering by the Puddingstone. His blazer, jeans and slip on shoes weren't providing much protection from the elements so he was immediately placed in a Blizzard Bag and in the shelter of a bothy bag we were able to start the rewarming process. We requested assistance from Coniston Mountain Rescue to evacuate him and he was soon on his way in the back of one of their Landrovers. Meanwhile we continued up towards Levers water exploring the remit of the ML award and some variations on the ropework from yesterday. Today I was working for Apex Training run by birthday boy Paul Platt!