Monday, 10 January 2011

Dinner Time Buttress

Wading up Dinner Time Buttress

This week I'm working for Adventure Peaks on an Intro to Snow & Ice Climbing course. Gareth & Sarah had had a great week last year climbing much of the low level ice during a big freeze. This year will be very different with lots of snow covering any ice, warm temperatures and a high avalanche risk. On day one we opted for Dinner Time Buttress (I/II) on the west face of Aonach Dubh. This gave a pleasant wade with a few steeper pitches which needed plenty of clearing but gave plenty of opportunity for Gareth & Sarah to dust off the cobwebs. Our plan was to drop over in to Coire Nan Lochan and descend the normal path. However very spooky slopes, poor visibility and a broken compass meant that the only safe option was to descend by our route of ascent which resulted in a rather long first day out.

The West Face of Aonach Dubh.

Climbing loose snow towards the crux chimney