Sunday, 23 January 2011

SAIS Avalanche Day

Mark demonstrating a tap test

Today was spent on Aonach Mor with Mark Diggins of the SAIS looking at recent developments in avalanche forecasting. This is part of Jagged Globe's ongoing program of instructor development. After a morning discussing the merits of a holistic approach to forecasting and putting a few myths to bed we headed round to the Nid to have a look at the current conditions. Despite a relatively benign snowpack we were able to identify an unstable layer of grapnel, probably laid down last Monday, at around 800m on a north easterly aspect although some force needed to be applied to get it to shear!
The SAIS have just rolled out a great new feature on their website which documents significant avalanche activity from the last 30 years totaling some 10,000 avalanches. To continue to develop this feature please report any notable avalanches on the SAIS reporting page.

Exploring the snowpack

David performing a burp test