Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Our Tibetan Everest Odyssey Begins...

Photo: Greg Healey Collection

In a few hours we will be heading north to Tibet via the Friendship Bridge. Today has been pretty busy but I think we've ticked the 101 things that are involved in leading these expeditions. The indomitable Ms Hawley paid us a visit this morning to ascertain our plans and regale us with a few stories. She was particularly interested in Jaysen who she believes is the first Mauritian to ever attempt Everest. It's also the Nepalese New Year today so Kathmandu has been pretty manic despite the heavy rain. There's been no Lukla flights today so we timed our exit to perfection.

Our Sherpa team will reach base camp tomorrow and start to build the luxury encampment we'll call home for the next couple of months. Our expedition couldn't happen without the hard work and dedication of our team of regular Sherpas.

Sirdar - Dorjee Khatri
Base Camp Manager - Bhola Paudel

Climbing Sherpas:
Mingma Gyabu Sherpa
Sonam Dorjee Sherpa
Dawa Dorjee Sherpa
Namgyal Sherpa
Ang Phurba Sherpa
Wangchhu Sherpa
Nima Thundu Sherpa
Nurbu Bhote Sherpa

BC Cook - Gyanu Lama
ABC Cook - Surrendra

Our Khumbu trek gave us plenty of time to acclimatise so we plan to spend one night in Nylam and arrive at Base Camp on the 15th April. The demands of Everest now include dealing with a mess tent which contains lighting, heating, carpets and a DVD player so don't believe the tales of hardship with which our team will return!