Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Everest North Col Bound...

Photo: Greg Healey Collection

The whole team are currently reunited at a snowy ABC. Over the past couple of days folk have made their way back up over 22km of moraine and 1250m of height gain. For some this was a 7 hour sprint, others a 12 hour slog and some a 2 day stroll with a night at intermediate camp in between.

Our Sherpas have done a sterling job and have just three load carries left to complete to finalise our preparations. The ropes are fixed to 8300m and the CTMA will be heading up to complete the job during the next weather window. Finally we have to complete our acclimatisation with a climb to 7500m. Two thirds of the team are heading up to the North Col tomorrow with the rest following the next day. We hope to spend two to three nights here with a climb up the North Ridge to just below Camp 2.

For the first time the group will have to fend for themselves melting water and rehydrating food. To this end today was spent finalising our kit selections, practicing with the stoves and having an interesting discussion on frostbite. Some great practical examples from the team on previous expeditions! www.adventurepeaks.com