Thursday, 19 May 2011

Everest Summit Attempt On...

In the last couple of hours the CTMA rope fixing team has succeeded in reaching the summit of Mount Everest from the north. Closely following in their wake are many of the 15 teams who have been stuck at ABC waiting patiently for this moment. With an improving forecast expect to see a flurry of summits from the north over the next few days.

Down at base camp we've sat it out over the last few days in comfort and are now well rested and beginning the move back up the mountain. By tomorrow night we should all be relaxing at ABC, but tonight folk are spread across the three base camps based on their individual preferences. A big weather window seems to be opening up from the 21st and we've penciled in the 25th for our big day. The snow is increasing as the monsoon gets closer but over the next few days we'll finalise our plans as we move up to the North Col, the springboard for our attempt.

This evening the skeleton crew left at BC are going to give our Sherpa team some 'ideas' with a viewing of Vertical Limits (which advocates the carrying of nitro glycerine for high altitude mountaineering!)