Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Summit Attempt - 24 May 20:15 (15:30 UK Time)

After a night on the North Col the team have today moved up to Camp 2. Shortly after leaving the North Col Simon and Heather both turned back, but both are remaining at altitude to manage the communications. Simon is at ABC and and Heather at the North Col. As darkness falls the rest of the team have successfully reached Camp 2 with the exception of two who are about 20 minutes away and should be arriving shortly.

The team are now all on oxygen with most going on at 7,000m and Zac, Chris, Geordie and George joining them at 7,500m.

The plan for tomorrow is to leave Camp 2 at 07:30 (02:45 UK time), arriving at Camp 3 in the early afternoon. Current forecasts for the summit day (26 May) remain good with wind speeds of 10-30mph predicted at the summit. www.adventurepeaks.com