Friday, 7 October 2011

Wild & Woolly Canoe Bivi on Windermere

Enjoying the best of the Lake District!

I'm currently working for the University of Cumbria with students on the Outdoor Education & Leadership courses. Today's canoe journey and bivi on Windermere was a new experience for most of the group. With the wind gusting F4-5 paddling conditions were always going to be challenging so we opted to launch from the southern end of the lake and hug the western shore. The wind was whipping the water up from the surface of the lake and one boat was blown over in a heavy squall less than 10 minutes from camp. With the occupants safely back on board and their equipment retrieved we headed to the shore and set about building some weatherproof bivis. The other group of sea kayakers eventually arrived after a fairly epic journey in the conditions and also worked hard to make themselves comfortable. A tarp as a roof and a good fire in the fire box and things feel a lot better. After a good nights sleep day two dawned a lot clearer and brighter and with the wind behind us we had a pleasant paddle back to our starting point.

Sun light following another squall

Home for the night

Far better conditions for the second days paddle home