Saturday, 31 March 2012

Lacs Merlet Tour

A hot afternoon climbing the Petit Mont Blanc (2680m)

After a day on the piste at Meribel to get the rust out of our skiing we headed off on our first tour around the Aiguille du Fruit. A descending traverse from the uplift brought us below the Roc Merlot and a good descent to the Refuge des Lacs Merlet. After dropping off our bags we skinned up the Petite Mont Blanc (2680m) in the sunshine. Conditions on the descent were a wee bit tricky with a breakable crust and a very heavy snowpack. The following day gave us a great skin up to the Col de Chanrouge and the long descent back to Meribel.

Tricky conditions on the descent from Petite Mont Blanc

The climb up onto the Col de Chanrouge

Touring around the Aiguille du Fruit