Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mountain movement skills

Jude on the traverse of Pluto (HVS 4c)

Today I've been running a work shop on movement skills in the mountains. The ability to move efficiently and safely across a variety of terrain is the key to challenges like a traverse of the Cuillin Ridge which Jude has set her heart on. We headed into a very quiet Langdale and up to Raven Crag. The focus of the day was on footwork, moving your center of mass efficiently and becoming comfortable with the environment  We climbed up (and down!) Middlefell Buttress (D) and Revelation (HS) a couple of times before picking a route up the main crag using a combination of Original Route (VS), Pluto (HVS) and Bilberry Buttress (VS). The rest of the day was spent on the scree and scrambling terrain around the crag. Bring on the Cuillin in May!