Wednesday, 16 May 2012

MountainZ Photography

Topping out on Green Gable (BMC Summit magazine)

I've been working hard at my photography over the last few years, often in some pretty amazing environments and the results have been slowly improving. In the last year my images have been used by the Discovery Channel, the British Mountaineering Council, local press and Adventure Peaks. There's plenty more of my work on Flickr.

Geordie Stewart reaching Camp 2 on Everest (Discovery Channel marketing)

Above the Second Step on the North Ridge of Everest (Adventure Peaks & cover photo for The Guards Magazine - Winter 2011)

 Summit of Mount Everest (Westmoreland Gazette & Andover Advertiser)

  Descending from Camp 1 on Mt Vinson, Antarctica (Adventure Peaks)

The last few meters to the summit of Mt Vinson (Adventure Peaks)
 Summit of Mt Vinson, Antarctica (Adventure Peaks)
Walking in to Aconcagua (Adventure Peaks)

Summit of Cho Oyu 8201m (Adventure Peaks)
 Team photo on the summit of Cho Oyu (Adventure Peaks)

Descending from the summit of Stok Kangri (Adventure Peaks)

Fitting crampons on a winter skills course (BMC Summit magazine)

Practicing ice axe arrest (BMC Summit magazine)

Abseiling off Kern Knotts (Adventure Peaks)

Climbing Innominate Crack, Kern Knotts (Adventure Peaks)

Bucket seat belay in Scotland (Adventure Peaks)

Climbing Smith's Route, Ben Nevis (Adventure Peaks)

 Glacier training below Khan Tengri, Kyrgyzstan (Adventure Peaks)

Climbing Pk Chapeyev, Kyrgyzstan (Adventure Peaks)

Summit of Pk Chapeyev with Khan Tengri in the background (Adventure Peaks)