Friday, 31 August 2012

Qualifying for the UTMB

 Dave Jack clocking 24:01:05 for his Bob Graham Round!

Due to the severity and popularity of the UTMB the organisers have specified a number of qualifying races which must be completed in the preceeding two calender years if a runners application is to be successful. The UTMB itself is limited to 2300 runners.

The qualifying standards have been set at 7 points from a maximum of 3 races in the last two calender years. The UTMB website has a long list of 800 events which have been awarded points based on their distance and the overall challenge. A third are based in France, another third in the US and the rest are spread widely across the world including the UK. I've detailed a small selection of the UK based races to demonstrate that even gaining a place in the UTMB is a huge achievement. Then it's a simple matter of 168km and 9600m of ascent and descent!

4 points
Bob Graham Round
Lakeland 100

3 points
Ramsey Round
Dragon's Back

2 points
Old County Tops
Lakeland 50
Longmynd Hike
London to brighton

1 point
High Peak Marathon 
OMM (A Class)