Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cathedral Quarry abseil

Looking towards Little Langdale over Cathedral Quarry

Another soggy day in the Lake District although with an improving forecast. This mornings driving rain followed us to the slate quarries which lie to the north of Coniston. They offer plenty of entertainment when the weather is more suited to kayaking. Cathedral Quarry has a number of old mining tunnels which give an interesting and impressive approach to a 40m abseil down a undercut wall. We used this to experiment with using a prussick for self protection and safeguarding from below. We also had a quick controlled trundling session to clear a series of stacked blocks from the wall just below the top on the right hand exit. The day finished with a self rescue workshop which looked at tying off the belay, escaping the system and hauling.

Jude 'dancing on slate' - pretty slippery today

Exiting the quarry through the old tunnels.